I've been working on projects since I was a kid taking my bike apart. I'm one of those people that can take something apart, put it back together and have it work as good or better than it was. I was playing around with electricity and electronics in elementary school. I was one of those kids that took all the shop courses in highschool. I always loved building and fixing things. It was a way I could have what I wanted without having to pay the big price.

Since then I became an engineer, got an MBA, went into the computer business, built houses, designed, built and ran 3 carwashes. Through all my experiences I've learned much about all the trades by asking questions, observing and doing the work. I learned a lot of lessons along the way.

The first time you do a job will usually take you twice as much time as the second time because the first time through you spend lots of time problem solving. If you're like me a homeowner, many times there won't be a second time. I've tried to make these directions detailed enough to give the answers to many of the problems you may encounter in your project.